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Yellow Lipped Sea Snake

The specific name of Yellow lipped sea snake is (Latitude Columbine). Yellow lipped sea snake is poison in Pacific Ocean water. This snake has individual black bands and a yellow snout with a scull like tail for use in swimming.

Yellow lipped sea snake spends much of time in under water. This snake is very potent neurotic poison. This snake use poison in prey and small fish. Yellow lipped sea snake encounters humans. This snake is not aggressive and only attack when felling threatened. Yellow lipped sea snake banded head with nostrils and undivided r astral scale. Yellow lipped sea snake body is cylindrical and taller than it’s wide.

Yellow lipped sea snake average length is 34.4 inches(875 millimeter). This snake found throughout the eastern Indian Ocean. Yellow lipped sea snake can found easily in eastern Indian Ocean along with the coast of Bengal in Bangladesh.

Yellow lipped sea snake poison is very powerful neurotic. This snake poison is neurotic that disrupts synapses by competing with oxyacetylene for receptors on the postsynaptic tissue.

Yellow lipped sea snake is semiautomatic. This snake Children stay in water and on together coast, but grown person are able to move additional inland and spend half their time on land and half in the ocean. Developed males yellow lipped sea snake are more terrestrially energetic during mating and hunt in shallower water, needful more worldly train skill. Mature yellow lipped sea females snake are less energetic on land through coupling and hunt in bottomless water, needful more marine train skill. Because yellow lipped sea male snake are smaller, they skulk and swim faster than females.

Yellow lipped sea snake Hunting and diet

Yellow lipped sea snake chasing is often completed alone, but Columbine may also in large statistics in the corporation of chasing parties of massive Trevelyan and flatfish. Yellow lipped sea snake helpful chasing technique is similar to that of the moray eel, with the yellow lipped sea snake reddening out prey from narrow gaps and holes, and the Trevelyan and flatfish suckling on escaping prey.

Yellow lipped sea snake whereas searching gaps with their head, yellow lipped sea snake are powerless to detect imminent marauders and can be susceptible. Yellow lipped sea snake chiefly feed on diversities of earls, but also eat small fish. Yellow lipped sea male and female snake revelation sensual metamorphism in chasing conduct. Yellow lipped sea snake which is meaningfully bigger than males, favor to chase in profounder water for bigger conger eels, while mature males chase in thinner water for smaller moray eels.

Yellow lipped sea snake Reproduction


Multiple Yellow lipped sea snake mating

The yellow lipped sea snake is oviparous, meaning it lays eggs that develop outside of the body.

Each year during the stove months of September through December, male yellow lipped sea snake gather on land and in the water around gently sloping areas at high tide. The male snake prefer to mate with larger females because they yield larger and more offspring. Yellow lipped sea male snake detects a female snake, it chases the female and instigates wooing. The female snake is larger and slower than male snake, and many males snake will companion and interlink around a single female. Yellow lipped sea male snake then make straight their bodies with the female and metrically agreement. The subsequent mass of snake can continue closely stationary for few days. Yellow lipped male and female sea snake after courtship, the snakes copulate for about a normal of two hours.


Yellow lipped female sea snake then laid 10 eggs per clutch. The eggs are dropped in gaps where they continue until hatching. These eggs are very infrequently found in the wild, only two shells have been conclusively stated during the intact range of the types.


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