The name of this snake is stagger banded sea snake. This sea snake and yellow lipped sea snake are columbine. The color of this snake is blue-grayish and yellow. Black bands on this snake body. The length of female stagger banded sea snake typically large and can grow around 150 centimeter and the length of male stagger banded sea snake only grow to around 100 centimeter. This sea snake have adopted and developed for a very marine lifestyle. These snake lungs allow staying underwater for 15 to 30 minutes, up to maximum 2 hours.

Stagger banded sea snake are air breathing and return to land around every 10 days for digestion, mating and the diffusion of their bark. This sea snake are still some altercation of how much time they spend on land analyze to in the ocean due to the difficulty of accurately researching marine species.

Stagger Banded Sea Snake Bite

Stagger banded sea snake are very dangerous poison bite. This sea snake is 10 times as toxic as the rattle snakes; the number of recorded attacks is very low. Banded Sea Snake is careful a very timid and docile animal, classically not violent unless hazardously threatened.

Stagger banded sea snake is most poison happenstances actually occur on trawlers containers whilst fishing as snakes get trapped in the nets, and fishermen are irregularly nibbled while liberating them. If bitten, envenomation’s is still very unlikely because poison pillories are complex to yield and are earmarked for infectious prey therefore self-justifying bites are usually not poison. Stagger banded sea snake in addition, a can only open its mouth a very small distance and their teeth are very small, significance they are almost of no threat to humans. If however, a poison bite ensures arise, severe pain may be felt at the site of the perforation, breathing may fail, and strengths May agreement or contraction. Stagger banded sea snake Spartan response may result in breathing or cardiac disappointment and a need for emergency treatment. First aid includes wash the wound and spreading a broad cord between the injury and the body to slow the feast of the poison. Homeopathic help should be called as soon as possible.

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