King cobra snake is the longest venomous snakes. His length was growing up to 5.5 meters (18 feet).The weight of king cobra up to 9 kg (20 pound).Life span of the king cobra up to 20 year.

KING COBRA SNAKE is most dangerous venomous snake in the world has deadly poison that kills within a few minute. King cobras snake is a neurotic, capable of killing humans. The mortality rate can be as high as 75% however, most bites involve nonfatal amounts. Poison contains in one king cobra kills people between 20 to 40 or even an elephants. King cobra snake attacks the victim’s nervous system and quickly induces severe pain, blurred vision, vertigo, drowsiness and paralysis. In the minutes following, cardiovascular collapse occurs and the victim falls into a coma. Death soon follows due to respiratory failure.

Fighting king cobra typically raise their heads to a height of about and third of total length. To avoid confrontation with human but can attack feeling threatened.

KING COBRA SNAKE lives in swamps and thick rain-forest of Asian country including china, Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, Vietnam and also India. The only snakes construct nests they hide on their eggs and keep guard until end of their incubation. Hear through ground vibrations.

KING COBRA SNAKE better eyes sight than other snakes. King cobra easily saw the other organism more than 100 meters away. Highly intelligent species with unique learning abilities, King cobra snake are able to hunt in all over a day. King cobra snake saw is easily to his opponent and prey in night he slowly them closer and attack on his chivy.

More alert than other snakes. King cobra is most smart snakes in all over the world. King cobra is scarily skin glistens it acutely dries to touch on his body. King cobra is mostly much color in all over the world Yellow, Green, Black, and Brown.

KING COBRA SNAKE group of called a Quiver. King cobra diet mainly composed than other snakes. King cobra snakes like other snake smell using their forked tongue which picks up scent particles and transfers them to a special sensory receptor. King cobra snake use sensitivity to vibration and outstanding intelligence compare to than other cobra snakes. King cobra snake is able to detect moving prey almost 300 feet away.

King cobra snake usually takes place in late spring or early summer. After mating, the male King cobra snakes return back to home. The female will then lie between 10 and 25 eggs. King cobra snake offspring are independent as soon as they are born and can capture prey the size of a rat.

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