The specific name of horned sea snake is (Acalyptophis pepperoni). Horned sea snake is a very large sea snake with a small head. This snake is quit slender toward the front and robust toward the tail.

Horned sea snake body color is usually cream, grey and brown. This snake body was numerous dark cross-bands that tapper on the sides and some dark small bars or spot of bands. This snake looks like color paler whitish.

Horned sea snake spends its entire life in sea than other sea snake. This snake modified to it marine lifestyle. This sea snake tail is flattened and sweeps like for swimming. Horned sea snake also lacks the enlarged belly scales that enable other snakes move about on land.  Small scale on the snake body that allow moving side by side for making swimming easier. Horned sea snake average length is 130 centimeter long.

Horned Sea Snake Diet and Bite

Horned sea snake is very highly venomous (poison) than other sea snake. Horned sea snake has one of the most deadly poisons of all other sea snake. This sea snake is quite a work in diet. This sea snake eats mostly small fishes in his diet. Generally in night this snake is most active. Horned sea snake hunting for food by searching holes, crevices and burrows for prey.

Horned Sea Snake Range

Horned sea snake lives in the range of Australia and South Asia. This snake easily found in the range of sea this country Australia, Barrow Island, Queensland, Papua new Guinea, southern Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Horned Sea Snake Reproduction

Horned female sea snake gives birth to live blooming rather than laying eggs.

Horned female sea snake gives birth up to 10 children at a time. This female snake have gestation period of about six to seven month. This female snake gives the birth child every year in the month of March and June.

Horned Sea Snake Threats and Conservation

Horned sea snake is an extensive species and is not currently measured to be at danger of destruction. This sea snake often caught as by hook in trawl fisheries, and its slow generative rate is likely to make it vulnerable to resident’s failures.

This snake particular scavenging behavior and diet of this maritime reptile also make it susceptible to turbulence to its coral ridge environment. These sea snake trawlers may abolish gory holes in soft lowest environments, shrinking the quantity of prey obtainable to the horned sea snake.

Horned sea snake is sheltered under the Situation Defense and Biodiversity Upkeep Act 1999, which delivers an outline for the defense of Australian species and environments.

Yellow Lipped Sea Snake


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