Forest cobra snake is a medium size snake. Forest cobra is narrow hood snake. This snake average length is 1.5 meter to 1.8 meter long and this maximum length is 2.7 meter. Forest snake front part of his body is a lightly yellow and brown and darkening towards the tail which is black. Forest cobra snake 19 rows on his middy, the scales ate smooth and shiny.

Forest cobra snake are line and easily found in these country Kenya, Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, and West Africa. This snake lives in bush.

Forest Cobra Snake Poison

Forest cobra snake poison is a potent neurotic/toxicity with local tissue distraction around the bite area. This snake poison yield 100 to 300 milligram and average poison yield is 250 milligram in on bite. Forest cobra snake one bite is very dangerous to needs an immediately medical help and large amounts of ant poison to neutralize the poison.

Forest Cobra Snake Habits

Forest cobra snake large cobra usually stabs to flee and will also use trees to make good its escape. This snake hikes well and fast to avoid contact with any budding enemy. Forest cobra snake is slow to strike, but if surrounded it will rear as high as 80 centimeter and banquet a narrow hood. This snake can be very mutual locally. Forest cobra snake sometimes energetic during the day or on overcast days but main action is towards the evening, when it fodders for suitable prey such as frogs, snakes, rodents, toads, birds and is a raider of chicken runs. Forest cobra snake in recent times no bites have been recorded by this snake that could absolutely be credited to this cobra. Forest cobra snake park worker was however bitten in early 2001 and hurt serious nervous suggestions as well as tissue demolition at the bite site, with stable marking. Forest cobra snake large amounts of ant poison will be obligatory to neutralize the massive amount of poison these snakes are accomplished of inserting. Forest cobra snake as with all cobras, these snakes hang on and plug when they bite, and the snake must be compulsorily removed. This snake is a non-spitting cobra.

Monocled cobra snake (Naja Kaouthia)/

Chinese Cobra Snake (Naja Atra)/

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