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Facts about Red Spitting Cobra (Naja Pallida)

Facts about Red Spitting Cobra (Naja Pallida)

The specific name of red spitting cobra snake is (Naja Pallida). The color of red spitting cobra snake is dark red with small touch of black and Orange. This snake look like color is pinkish red.  Red spitting cobra snake is a medium sized cobra. This snake average length is 2.3 to 4 feet (0.70 to 1.21 meter) and this snake largest length is 4.9 feet (1.49 meter). Red spitting cobra snake is the true red species turn reddish brown with age.

Red spitting cobra snake body is slightly compressed down, tapering, and somewhat slim with a tail that is average in length. The head looks separate from the neck and is compressed. The can thus is separate, while the nose is curved.

Red spitting cobra snake lifespan is 20 year each.

Red Spitting Cobra Snake Habitat and Behavior

Red spitting cobra snake are found in Africa. Red spitting cobra snake ranges from northern Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Southern Egypt. Red spitting cobra snake easily found in semi desert and dry grassland areas of East Africa. They are normally seen around retreats in deserts.

Red spitting cobra snake are fast, alert, and speedy snakes. This snake is belligerent, and when concerned lift about two-thirds of their body upright above the ground. This snake erect their hood and spit poison, aiming at the attacker’s or predator’s eyes. This snake is an excellent defense instrument, as the poison affects the apparition of the attacker which gives it a chance to escape. Red spitting cobra snake spray jets of poison several times until the attacker departures. Red spitting cobra snake poison can reason pain and main to eye blindness.

Red Spitting Cobra Snake Diet and Bite

Red spitting cobra snake are meat-eating and their prey include lizards, frogs, small mammals and birds or eggs. Red spitting cobra snake are more active during the day, as it gives them defense against grownups that forage at night.

The poison of red spitting cobra snake contains destroy tissues and neurotoixcs which paralyze the fall for and breathing influences of their prey. Red spitting cobra snake can exact spitting the poison up to a distance of 8 feet. Red spitting cobra snake crush the influences in their poison gland. Red spitting cobra snake spray the poison and targeted at the eyes of the slayer, in case a red-hot sensation, leading to temporarily or permanently blindness, in case immediately wash your eyes and seek medical help. Red spitting cobra snake bite severe pain around the wound and may case numbness in the lips and tongue.

Red Spitting Cobra Snake Reproduction

Red spitting female cobra snake lays eggs around 20 to 40. The female snake lays eggs in tunnel or putrid undergrowth. This snake offspring are able to bite and independently take care of them. Red spitting female cobra snake incubation time is 60 to 80 days.

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