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Facts about Mozambique Spitting Cobra (Naja Mossambica)

Facts about Mozambique Spitting Cobra (Naja Mossambica)

The specific name if Mozambique spitting cobra snake is (Naja Mossambica). This snake is a very common snake in Africa with very potent venom. This snake accounts for many snakes bite that’s why one of the most dangerous snake in Africa.

Mozambique spitting cobra snake widely distributed in eastern South Africa and his related country like Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Southern Angola, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia, Northern Botswana, Tanzania and Pemba island.

Mozambique spitting cobra snake are easily found in lowland forest, moist savannas, rocky hills, hollow timber, animals cave and near the water sources. This snake is most active in night. Mozambique spitting cobra snake skin color is slate grey, olive brown and small touch of black dark edges.

Mozambique spitting cobra snake average length is 1 to 1.2 meter (3.4 feet) and largest length is 1.5 meter (3.8 feet). Mozambique spitting cobra snake lifespan average is 20 year each.

Mozambique spitting cobra Taxonomy

Mozambique spitting cobra snake are described in 1854 by Wilhelm Peters. Wilhelm Peters is a German naturalist and wanderer. Mozambique spitting cobra snake is a true cobra snake it belongs to the genus and family of Naja.

Mozambique Spitting Cobra Snake Bite and Diet

Mozambique spitting cobra snake yield a one bite poison depending on the situation. This snake yield a one bite poison ranges is 80 to 200 milligram and average ranges are 140 milligram.

Mozambique spitting cobra snake careless also act like death to hold off further molestation. This snake does not diffusion their hood and easygoing open the mouth slightly before throw out poison. Mozambique spitting cobra snake throw out the poison distance is 2 or 3 meter long. This snake throw out the poison they affect Aram, hair, face and eyes, in this causes immediately washed out poison with the large quantities of water or milk.

Mozambique spitting cobra snake diet/feeding the small mammals, birds, lizards, bed eggs and including other snakes.

Mozambique spitting cobra snake Reproduction

Mozambique Spitting Cobra snake is an oviparous snake type, it lays eggs. The mating season happens in April and after an incubation period of 2 months, 10 to 22 eggs are laid in mid-summer.  The baby snake quantity length 23 to 25 centimeter and are totally self-governing at birth.

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