The specific name of Indian cobra snake is (Naja Naja). This snake is very dangerous, it live in large area of Middle East and Asia. This snake in very high poison snake Middle Eastern Asia. Indian cobra snake easily found in India and his all closely related country like Pakistan, srilanka, china etc. Indian cobra snake is most dangerous in India and his closely country. Indian cobra snake (Naja Naja) average length is 3 to 5 feet (1 to 1.5 meters) and it longest length is 7 feet (2 meter).

Indian cobra snake (Naja Naja) care level is advanced and his lifespan period is 30 year.

Information Is Indian Cobra Snake (Naja Naja)

Indian cobra snake (Naja Naja) is highly poisons and most dangerous snake in Middle East and Asia. This snake was easily found in Asia country India, Pakistan, Srilanka, China and etc. This snake called in Asian country his famous name (Naja Naja) not call Indian cobra. This snake was found in a wide area of forest, rock, and wetland or near the water.

Indian cobra snakes (Naja Naja) are also found in agriculture land including wheat or rice crop.

Indian cobra snake (Naja Naja) hide in bushes of tree, rocks, caves and holes. This snake head shape is elliptical and eyes size is medium round pupils. Indian cobra snake belong to famous Naja family. Which was first described of Naja family in (1758) by Swedish Zoologist. The specific name of Indian cobra snake is (Naja Naja).

Indian Cobra Snake Bite and Diet

Indian cobra snake (Naja Naja) is one of the most dangerous and very highly poison snakes in India and his related Asian country. Indian cobra snake poison is highly neurotoxic and very powerful post.

Indian cobra snake (Naja Naja) bites the prey/species. The poison act paralyzing muscles and his body, the prey dies not move anywhere. This snake poison fast acting, the prey/species will die little 15 minutes or up to 2 hours after a bite. This snake poison of one bite ranging 170 milligram to 250 milligram. This snake eats small species. Indian cobra snake diet a verity of animals. This snake bite quickly and injecting the poison in prey.

Indian Cobra Snake Reproduction

Indian cobra snake (Naja Naja) meet with female snake to reproduce sexually. Most snake species are meeting to gather in spring season. The female snake protect their eggs, the female snake lay eggs in hollow tree, rat holes or ground the month of April and July. The female snake lay eggs 4 to 45, the eggs incubation period of 9 to 10 weeks.

The snake length after birth is 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm).

Important Information about Indian Cobra Snake

  • Indian cobra snake is one of the most dangerous snake in India or his related country in Asia.
  • Indian cobra snake kill (10,000) people in each year.
  • Indian cobra snake mostly found in wheat and rice crop, wetland, and near water.
  • Indian cobra snake poison is used for anti-cancer medication.
  • Indian cobra snake dance reaction for the movement of fakir flute sounds the music.
  • Indian cobra snake lifespan is 30 (year).

Indian cobra snake spray the poison for long distance meter.


BLACK MAMBA THE KISS OF DEATH/INTRODUCTION OF SNAKES/king-cobra-snake-facts-and-information

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