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Chinese Cobra Snake (Naja Atra)

Chinese Cobra Snake (Naja Atra)

The specific name of Chinese cobra snake is (Naja Atra). Chinese cobra snake is (Naja Atra) also called Taiwan cobra. This snake is medium sized snake the average length of this snake is 3.9 to 4.9 feet (1.2 to 1.5 meters) and longest length of this snake 6.5 feet (2 meter). The color of Chinese cobra snake is usually grey, black and small touch of brown.

Chinese cobra snake is a heavy bodies snake, short tail, nostrils are large and prominent. This snake eyes are medium sized and the iris is a dark dirty yellow dappled with grey-black or blue-black and the pupil is round and jet black. Chinese cobra snake are very intelligent and tend to learn quickly. Chinese cobra snake long lifespan is 30 years. The average lifespan of Chinese cobra snake is 20 years.

Chinese Cobra Live and Habitat

Chinese cobra snake are found is Southeastern China, Hong Kong, northern Laos, northern Vietnam and Taiwan. Chinese cobra snake are live in woodland. Grassland. This snake is wide range of terrain including grassland, jungle, plains and fields. This snake is easily found anywhere up to elevation of 6600 feet (2200 meter) above the sea level. This snake usually hides under leaves, rocks and sticks. Chinese cobra snake is a very aggressive and alert. This snake usually escapes to avoid confrontation with humans, but strikes readily if provoked. This snake is hunting species or prey during all daylight period.

Chinese Cobra Snake Diet and Bite

Chinese cobra snake diet a small mammals. This snake eats rats, frogs and other snakes, both are active in day and night. This snake is mostly eating frog, fish and other small mammals.

Chinese cobra snake is another highly poison snake, this snake belong to and member o

f true cobra family (genus Naja). This snake average poison yield for in a one bite is 250 milligram (80 milligram dry weight).

Chinese Cobra Snake Reproduction

Chinese cobra snake mating and laid eggs periods are much extended. This snake is observed mating in the mountain in the month of March and May. The females snake laid 6 to 23 eggs. The incubation period of this snake 60 to 70 days.


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