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Caspian Cobra Snake (Naja Oxiana)

Caspian Cobra Snake (Naja Oxiana)

The specific name of Caspian cobra snake is (Naja Oxiana). This snake also called is central Asia cobra, Oxus cobra or Russian cobra. Caspian cobra snake the member of Elapid family, they are easily found in central Asia. Caspian cobra snake medium size snake in length, but this snake body is very heavy.

This snake average length is 3.3 feet (1 meter) and longest length is 4.9 feet (1.5 meter) long. Caspian cobra snake head is elliptical, depressed and slightly distinct from the neck. This snake is rounded nose and large nostrils. This snake eyes are medium size with round pupils. Caspian cobra snake color is totally light to chocolaty brown with small touch of Yellow.

Caspian Cobra Snake Habitat

Caspian cobra snake live in these country like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. This snake easily found in this Area like rocky hills or stone hills, scrub land at elevation up to about 9800 feet (3000 meter) above the sea level.


Caspian Cobra Snake Behavior

Caspian cobra snake is more generally attacking and bad- tempered, although they will avoid humans. Caspian cobra snake cornered and provoked, it will spread their hood, hiss and sway from side to side strike repeatedly. This snake is good swimmer and climber. This snake found in water. This snake eats a small mammals, birds, and amphibians, frogs, fish and birds eggs. Caspian cobra snake quick moving from one site to another site. This snake lives in holes and trees.

Caspian Cobra Snake One Bite Poison

Caspian cobra snake most deadly and very dangerous snake in Asia and his related country. This snake yields average a one bite poison “between” 75 milligram to 125 milligram, but they can feel in very danger yield average reach up to 590 milligram. Caspian cobra snake bite the prey, in cause severe pain and swelling along with severe neurotoxicity. The prey will die within an on hour after the bite.

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